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"Beyond Words"     Audio File (mp3, 23.7MB)
Fran Halpern
Beyond Words
October 7th, 2006
"Living on the Edge"     (pdf, 1.5MB)
Hannah Tennant-Moore
Santa Barbara Independent
September 21st-28th, 2006
"Garden Gossip"     Audio File (mp3, 26.8MB)
Lisa Cullen
Garden Gossip
1290 AM
September 15th, 2006
" In Print "     (pdf, 2.2MB)
Susan Miles Gulbransen
Santa Barbara News-Press
September 10th, 2006
" Romance and Rattlesnakes "
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
    (pdf, 0.8MB)
September-October 2006
" What Happens to Former Tattler Writers? "
Juliette B. Quinn
(pdf, 0.4MB)
The Tattler
Fall 2006
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
" Voices of a local canyon and local author ... "
     (pdf, 1.1MB)
August 18th, 2006

        Advance Praise...

“Canyon Voices is beautifully written.  One can almost see and smell and hear all the rich life in Rattlesnake Canyon.  Telleen-Lawton and her friends provide a wonderful journey into the natural world, its strength and its fragility, and even for a non-naturalist the book is a joy to read.  It made me want to take myself into the canyon and experience first hand all these lovely things I've been missing.
Nancy Packer, Stanford Emeritus Professor of English      

“We are fortunate to have access to the ideas of astute and caring writers like Karen Telleen-Lawton.  She has mastered the technique of engagement.   We are compelled to turn another page to learn why the present may be the key to the past, and why the future needs our attention now.  Canyon Voices is a generous book screaming with insight, passion, and prospects.
Kerry Hegarty, geologist and small business CEO      

“Each new chapter makes me think its subject is my favorite character only to be replaced by the next.  I can see each of the people and feel their commitment to and passion for their work.”
Jane Ellison, Editor in Chief, Santa Barbara Seasons magazine      

“This book is a gem for all of us walkers/hikers.  How often we work our way through a magical canyon like Rattlesnake and think that we're seeing it through keen eyes.   Reading this book makes me realize that Mother Nature and many dedicated individuals through the years have made it the special place it is.”
Susan Gulbranson, Santa Barbara News-Press book columnist      

“This is absolutely one of my favorite reads in a long, long time.  I’ve previewed many adolescent lit books and a few textbooks, but nothing resonated as much as Telleen-Lawton’s writing.  Canyon Voices is the book that should drive the course of study in the environmental unit of any science class. Chapter 8 is now legendary in our school, but quite frankly they were just as thrilled with all the chapters.”
Linda Smith, Director, The Dunn School, Santa Ynez, California      

“The writing gets under the skin and casts a trance, yet in spare and straight-forward style.  One of the best similes I've read of late was in Chapter 15, that of the monk's cowl lying on his shoulder like a small backpack...quite elegant.”
Rev. George Woodward III, St. Edmund’s Episcopal Church, San Marino, CA      

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