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Available September 2006, Mission Canyon Studios, Publisher                   

Canyon Voices explores the joyful and uneasy relationship between humans and nature, the rivaling recreational and economic desires of the human community, and competition in nature itself.  The book unfolds through the eyes of people who understand it deeply on diverse levels.  A geologist, a monk, a botanist, an historian, a hang glider, a stream ecologist, an artist, and others reveal the many ways to comprehend a natural space.

Rattlesnake Canyon seems a very seductive place indeed.  In today’s over-hyped world, where Outside Magazine demands that even nature become sensational in order to be relevant, it is refreshing to be reminded that the outdoors can be a source of tranquility, delight, and renewal.  This beauty exists even if, or perhaps especially if, it is found adjacent to an urban area already modified by human influence.  Canyon Voices reminds us of how little we really know about these familiar, yet exotic neighbors.
Joel Swisher, Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute      

Canyon Voices excerpts:
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